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Sammie guards your FFL transfer guns all night.

Heads cocked toward each other.....

Low maintenance, high fiber diet.


Nelson Edens - Best of the Best in Charlotte NC - Mercury 2.5 Liter Race Engine Builder - If You Like Triple Digit Liquid Speed - Nelson Can Make It Happen - All Around Great Guy too!

Ozark Night Security Man - Crazy As He Looks
The late, Robbie Cannon, a good friend for 25 years. Died 1 July 2012 fighting fires in a C130 plane crash. We lost 4 good buddies that day.
 One of the nicest pistols to come through my shop!
 Infinity is the Rolex of race guns. Best trigger I have ever felt in a semi automatic pistol. PERIOD!
Infinity race gun in 38 Super.  Price is over $6,000 but less than $10,000.  Each Infinity is custom built to the buyer's specs. Even the serial number is at the customer's request. Custom pistols can take over a year long wait.  Learn more here: