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IMPORTANT NEWS:  Effective Immediately OZARK GUNS Will be CLOSED for  Vacation. We work hard and play hard. We have had a huge run on inventory. Please do not send us FFL transfer guns. Only our security team is on site and they will not accept any packages.

(Long term info: My dad was a navigator on the C-130 for over 30 years. He did multiple fire fighting missions and a handful of combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He came back from the war less than 100%. I'm interested in becoming a forest ranger. My dad is now a retired Lieutenant colonel enjoying retirement. 2016 is the last year for business. Robbie Kotula III. Bob's 21 year old son.)

1869 Safe Pictures

Puerto Rico Pistol Match

Two Bank Safes

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Key West Air Show

Key West Vacation

Thunder Valley (links at top are N/A very outdated prices)

Subiaco Academy 30 year reunion  (links at top are N/A very outdated prices)

Previous Owner, Helmut Freitag from Long Island NY ScreamAndFly.com

19' STV Euro, Love the boat! Thank You Helmut!



19' 4 seat STV movie boat, Nat Geo Extreme Marine Machines, also tons of video on YouTube, 2.5 liter racing Mercury, Sportmaster lower, offshore mid, engine builder and blueprinted by Nelson Edens of Lake Wylie, NC. Top speed by the previous owner, Helmut Freitag, 129.8 mph gps. Top speed on Wylie by Robbie and me , 108 mph gps. Love speed!


Stolen Guns: 9 Long Guns from Ozark Guns Personal Collection located at 311 E 1st St. Lowell NC 28098  Guns were in 30x30 steel building but not in the safe because of electronic issues with dial.  Person of interest: Ernie Dale Burns III dob 03/04/1991 aka "Trey" - "Dickhead 3" - "6 feet under" - "MIA"

1. Rifle S&W M&P 10 .308 serial #KN01356

2. Rifle S&W M&P 15 .223 serial #SP00101

3. Rifle Ruger 10/22 blue full stock .22LR  serial#827-62400

4. Rifle Ruger 10/22 blue full stock .22LR  serial#827-62401

5. Shotgun Beretta 1301 24" bbl 12g serial#TA005571

6. Rifle Springfield MA9102 .308  serial #227348

7. Rifle Tikka JRTB315 .243 serial#A93698

8. Rifle Tikka JRTA340  .270 serial #488826

9. Shotgun Beretta AL390 28" bbl 12g silver side engraved serial#X10670E  (I have owned this for 14 years) Beretta makes the best semi-auto shotgun on the market.



Rolex GMT II, 2 tone, green 24 hour 4th hand, serial # at 6.

A loyal worldwide flying companion for years. Below is the solid

Stainless Dan Wesson Classic 4" BBL 45acp. S&W 38 Texas Hold'em engraved.

Buy the best and you will have zero regret.

Eye Candy




$149 worth of free advertising:

If you are in the market for a new fence, avoid Parker D Fence Company in Gastonia. Owner, Rocky Dodgen got over on me. I paid them $1500 for three sections of black vinyl chain link fence. They cut corners by using cheap materials. When my Lacquer Black German Shepherd was able to pry back the chain link and able take a field trip, I asked Rocky to come over to look at the damage/cheap materials/cause/workmanship issue. His rude response was no warranty on dog fences. He continued to boast about building fences for 50 years and a dog cannot be contained. HORSE SHIT ROCKY!


Parker D should have been upfront about no warranty when they knew it was for a dog. And here's how it ended up: Owner, "Rude Rocky" wanted $149 to fix his mess using the same method of cheap bent steel verses doing it right with zero gap and a bolt. I said no. The pictures below tell the story. Avoid Parker D Fence Co. like the plague.  From the picture below I would say Gaston Fence knows how to build an excellent dog fence. (Notice they use a bolt on both sides. Parker D only uses a bolt on one side and a cheap bendable piece of metal on the other.)  Unacceptable!                                                                              Picture below sums it up. Bolt on one side and a butter band on the other. 50 years of fence making? really? Click here to see how his competition builds a fence for a dog.  












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